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Siddha Nyachen Lishu Taring

Siddha Nyachen Lishu Taring: Detail from a thangka featured in The Bon Religion of Tibet, Boston, Shambhala Publications, Inc., 2001

The Lishu Institute is named for the great Bon Siddha Nyachen Lishu Taring, who played a crucial role in the dissemination of the Threefold Propagation in Tibet in the eighth century. The first element of this propagation was the spread of Bon into India, China, and Zhang Zhung (an ancient kingdom now part of Tibet).The second was the spread of Bon throughout all of Tibet, and the third was the spread of Bon by means of textual treasures. Lishu is said to have gone to Zhang Zhung as well as to Tazik several times in order to obtain sacred texts, which he translated into Tibetan. And like Drenpa Namkha, he also concealed sacred texts (terma) for the benefit of future generations.


Lishu Institute

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