Year Two (September 2016 - June 2017): Mother Tantra

Ma Gyud mandala

Ma Gyud is one of the major tantric cycles in the Bon tradition. Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche has taught this cycle over the past 20 years. During the second year of the 3 years programme at Lishu Institute, the Ma Gyud teachings will be given.

Ma Gyud Sangye Gyud Sum, is a teaching coming directly from Dharmakaya Kuntu Zangpo, the primordial Buddha, who transmitted this teaching to many of his celestial entourage, among them the Great Godess Zangza Ringtsun.

Ma Gyu Sangye Gyud Sum contains three teachings:
•    The base which is the nature of mind
•    The path consists in the practices to recognize the nature of mind
•    The fruits is Buddhahood.

Gyal Shen Mi Lu Sam Lek who was a King of Zang Zhung Kingdom, received this teaching from the great mother Zangza Ringtsun and spread this teaching. The Ma Gyud Sangye Gyud Sum was then passed down in an unbroken lienage till our Master Yongdzin Tenzin Namdak Rinpoche.

The second year programme of Lishu will address the six great methods of the Path of the Ma Gyud cycle and is scheduled as follow:

2nd Year (Starting  September 8th 2016):

   - Ma Gyu Tsok offering

   - Actual teachings:

  • 1st trimester (September 8th 2016 – November 11th 2016): Tummo and  Dream Yoga
  • 2nd trimester (January 9th 2017 – March 17th 2017): Nyen Sa Lam Khyer (including Chöd) and Phen Pa Lam Khyer (including Phowa)
  • 3rd trimester (April 3rd 2017 – June 9th 2017): Sleep yoga and Bardo Lam Khyer

Additionally to teachings about Mother Tantra, there will be classes about middle hagiography of Buddha Tonpa Shenrab (mDo gZermig), founder of Bon tradition.

Teachings will be given by Geshe Sherab Lodoe (Geshe of Menri monastery) and Ph.D. Sangmo Yangri (Ph.D. from Univeristy of Varanasi). Sangmo Yangri will teach in English and Geshe Sherab Lodoe will teach in Tibetan (with translation into English by Sangmo Yangri).

More about Lishu teachers - here.

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Initiation of Sherab Jamma and Tsok offering.

To enter the teaching of higher vehicles, Tsok offerings will be performed and initiation will be bestowed by a qualified Master.Initiation formally gives us the permission to enter the teaching. Furthermore, through the initiation, the Master introduces the students to natural state of mind. Tsok offerings enables to purify our afflictions and bear two types of fruits. Ordinary fruits such as healthy and prosperous long life and extraordinary fruits which are accumulation of merit and wisdom on the path.
The Sherab Jamma and the Gekhod initiations will be given at Lishu by HE Menri Lopon on September 12th 2016.
More about HE Menri Lopon here.
If you consider to attend the Ma Gyud cycle, it is recommanded to participate to the initiation either personally or by donating any amount to:

(Donation to Ligmincha International, please specify that your donation is for the Initiation in Lishu Institute)

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