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Thangka of Sherab Chamma the Wisdom Loving Mother in Bön Buddhism

A Registered Charitable Society

Lishu Institute is a Registered Charitable Society of India with a constituted governing body. Lishu is the vision of its spiritual director, Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche, whose heartfelt wish is to preserve the precious spiritual and cultural traditions of Tibet. In January 2009 Lishu Institute became owner of land in Kotra Kalyanpur outside of Dehradun, UK, India.

During 2012 the first new building was constructed to provide several classrooms for initial instruction and house up to 10 students and a small faculty as other construction continues. When complete, the Lishu Institute compound will include a large main building that will house the teaching hall (gompa), library, classrooms, dining room, kitchens, laundry, teachers' residences, and dorm rooms for three-year students.

The compound will also include a store, a cafe, a small relaxation area, and additional dormitories for married students and teachers as well as for individuals engaged in long-term practice retreats, karma yoga retreats, and translation and research projects.



"It is with the warmest heart that we feel welcomed to India, a country with profound spiritual roots and a great aspiration for mankind. India will provide a wonderful foundation as we endeavor to create Lishu Institute for the study and preservation of Bön, the ancient religious and cultural tradition of Tibet. Thank you all for joining us on this auspicious beginning"
- Geshe Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche



Lishu Institute

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