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Bon is the indigenous, pre-Buddhist spiritual tradition of Tibet.

For our human race to survive and prosper in coming centuries, science and spirituality must work together in an integrated way toward forging a new, more enlightened global consciousness. At Lishu Institute we believe the ancient Bon Buddhist tradition of Tibet has the potential to make a significant contribution toward this goal, especially in the areas of healing, human development, and ecology.

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Lishu Institute was established to help preserve the ancient spiritual tradition and culture of Bon. Well before the emergence of Tibetan Buddhism, Bon flourished in Tibet and other regions of early Central Asia. It came close to extinction during the Chinese Cultural Revolution, but through the extraordinary efforts of Tibetan teachers and the dedication of both Eastern and Western supporters it continues to survive today as an unbroken lineage and living spiritual tradition.

Over long centuries of isolation within the impenetrable Himalayas, Tibetan lamas - both Buddhist and Bon - helped to foster a unique civilization whose inward exploration of the mind and soul contrasts starkly with the extroverted and materialistic approach of the West. These great teachers developed an unparalleled system of inquiry into the psyche as well as direct experiential insight into the human mind. The Bon tradition additionally emphasizes the importance of nurturing our human relationship with the sacred nature of the environment. Only recently has contemporary science begun to appreciate the contributions Tibetan lamas have made through their discoveries of the potentialities for human development.

By providing a setting in India for Westerners to engage in short- and long-term study and in-depth meditation practice, Lishu Institute will help to preserve this rich tradition. It will further the development of the boundless inner capacities that lead to a creative, contributing life, while aiding in the healing of our planet's natural environment.

Please contribute to help preserve this rich and beneficent Tibetan spiritual heritage.

Lishu Institute is a Registered Charitable Society of India with a constituted governing body. Lishu is the vision of its spiritual director, Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche, whose heartfelt wish is to preserve the precious spiritual and cultural traditions of Tibet. In January 2009 Lishu Institute became owner of land in Kotra Kalyanpur outside of Dehradun, UK, India.



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