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A Letter from Rinpoche

Photo of Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche, founder of Lishu Institute

This project comes from a very deep place in my heart, and from a sense of concern that this tradition will dissipate. Were are many cultures through the centuries where great knowledge was held by small groups of people. In many cases that knowledge was lost. Sometimes only a small group of people even knew that something had been lost.

The Lishu Project is not the goal - it is the method to achieve the goal. The goal is to develop Lishu Institute in order to give Western students the opportunity for long-term, in-depth study in the Bon tradition. It will also provide the opportunity for people who want to study or practice for shorter periods of time.

I feel a sense of personal responsibility to preserve and extend these teachings to the world. What I mean by that is first, to extend the benefits of these teachings to people who identify themselves as Bon practitioners, my students. There is another group who come and benefit from these teachings. They are not particularly Bonpo, but they are also my students. I can see the changes the teachings bring to these people's lives as well. It brings me joy to see this.

There is also the need to preserve the teachings as literature, as transmission, and as knowledge. Transmitting these teachings to others is not easy. Providing a learning opportunity that adequately prepares students to explain this knowledge to others is not easy. Because of the cost, creating a place in the West where this could happen would not be easy. That is just one of the many reasons I have decided to create the institute in the East.

The Eastern way of life is different. The school will be built with the comfort of Westerners in mind. It will be a place where people can learn and practice for longer periods of time that is affordable comfortable and supportive.

I know many of you are very enthusiastic, and I am very appreciative of whatever ways you can support the creation of Lishu Institute. There will be vegetables to grow, trees to plant, and many other ways to contribute.

It is my hope that Lishu Institute will benefit Western students of the Bon tradition for many generations to come.



- Geshe Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche -
Founding Director, Lishu Institute


Lishu Institute

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