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The Lishu Project is not the goal - it is the method to achieve the goal. The goal is to develop Lishu Institute
in order to give Western students the opportunity for long-term, in-depth study in the Bon tradition. It will
also provide the opportunity for people who want to study or practice for shorter periods of time.


Lishu Institute Three Year Residential Retreat

Year One: The Nine Ways of Bon

Starts Sept. 14, 2015

Registration is now open for the commencement of the first Three Year Residential Reteat. Lishu welcomes your application to join in this exceptionally valuable learning program.

We are delighted to announce the beginning of teachings this year as we continue to fulfill Rinpoche’s aspiration for Lishu Institute. The Lishu 2015 Spring Retreats, Phowa and Tibetan Language, have been presented by wonderful teachers under the joyful guidance and support of Geshe Thupten Negi, President of Lishu Institute.

The Three Year Residential Program will begin September 14, 2015. “The Nine Ways of Bon” will be the content of the first year of study and practice.

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Full time study, photo with teacher and pupils
.Practise retreats, photo with monks practising meditation

Full Time Study

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Long-term Practise Retreats

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Research retreats, photo with old scripture
Culture retreat, photo with cham dancer

Translation &
Research Retreats

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Culture Retreats

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Short Retreats, 2015

April: Phowa Retreat read more

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Lishu Institute

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