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3rd Trimester (March 28th – June 4th 2016)

Shenlha Okar

The 3rd Trimester of the first year will start on march 28th 2016. An overview of the higher fruit vehicles of the Nine Ways of Bon from Central Treasure (Tantra and Dzogchen) will be given during this term. This will complete the study of the Nine Ways of Bon.

Additionally to teachings about the Nine Ways of Bon, there will be classes about middle hagiography of Buddha Tonpa Shenrab (mDo gZermig), founder of Bon tradition.

Teachings will be given by Geshe Sherab Lodoe (Geshe of Menri monastery) and Ph.D. Sangmo Yangri (Ph.D. from Univeristy of Varanasi). Sangmo Yangri will teach in English and Geshe Sherab Lodoe will teach in Tibetan (with translation into English by Sangmo Yangri).

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The first lower Sutric vehicles were addressed during the first trimester and the higher Sutric vehicles were covered during the second trimester.

The third trimester teaching is open to all, attending the first two trimesters is not mandatory.
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